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Why this guide?

The creation and management of websites is a complex discipline, bringing together several areas of expertise:

  • Technical expertise (hosting, maintenance, code)
  • Design expertise (information architecture, graphic design, UX, UI)
  • Content expertise (Content writing, visuals, videos)
  • Marketing expertise (SEO, SEA, etc.)

It often takes years of experience to integrate good practices and avoid the usual pitfalls or time wasters. That's why we wanted to share best practices with you so that you can see more clearly and avoid the problems that are most often observed.

Some good practices that you will discover in this guide:


What are the right SEO steps to take from the start?

Hosting / Maintenance

Why you should not neglect your hosting and maintenance?

UX Design

How to simply integrate UX design into your routine?

Content management

How can you waste as little time as possible on content management?