Use this component to embed an oEmbed link on your page. The oEmbed is an open protocol that allows you to insert the content of a web page into another page. The inserted content can be of several types: photo, video, URL or HTML extract.


This component is used to define a specific design for a group of subsequent components. For example, by positioning a section before a title and a text, you can dress them with a colored band.


The "block" component allows you to integrate a rich content area, composed of several levels of titles, text, CTA, links and visuals. Define the width of each block yourself, so that they live well alongside your other content.


The Loop is used by Cubly to display each item. By using The Loop, Cubly processes all of the Items to be displayed on the active page and adapts their presentation using the criteria described by The Loop markers. Any pieces of HTML or PHP code placed between the beginning and the end of The Loop will be executed for each Article.


"Content Management System": open source content management system.


Open source technology on which the Atomik platform is based


Term used to describe the section that allows you to manage all your content (text, photos, videos, etc.) and modify the structure of your pages. To access it, simply add to your url /wp-admin/ and fill in your login and password.

An access bar at the top of your site is present when you are connected to your back office. You can disconnect from it at any time.