If you want to create landings pages, certain elements are essential: a title that arouses interest, good subtitles, images that illustrate the feeling you want to convey, an expression of the benefits for the client, testimonials, a clear call to action... Here is some information before you get started.

How to build a landing page?

A landing page, or landing page, or landing page, is a web page that is used to build targeted marketing campaigns with a single goal: to convert the visitor into a prospect. Visitors access it by clicking on a link you provide and is designed to retrieve and save their contact information.

The qualities of a good landing page

It is important to know that Internet users decide in less than 3 seconds if they are going to stay or not on the page they are visiting. So you only have 3 seconds to make a good impression. A landing page must first be airy, simple and clear. It must be able to quickly inform the user about the benefits for him. A quality landing page should of course also contain an immediate call to action (or call-to-action) such as giving your email address to download an e-book, register for a free webinar or try a product for 30 days for example. Ideally, each offer should have its own landing page to maximize the success of the prospecting.



Awaken immediate interest in your visitors

The following elements are the first ones that Internet users will see and must be particularly well worked on:

  • The title: it must attract attention and inform. Often, it is this title that will appear in your social networks. It must be explicit enough to inform about the nature of the offer (example: "Free E-Book: 8 key steps to become a blogger").
  • Subtitles: these should encourage you to keep reading. If the subtitles are interesting and attract attention, visitors will probably want to "scroll down" out of curiosity (e.g. "4 hours to train and get started").
  • Images are also very important: they should represent what you offer in a few seconds and illustrate the feeling you want to convey.

Expression of values and benefits to spur action

What is the offer that you propose to the visitor in exchange for his contact details and, above all, what is the interest for him? To maximise the impact of your landing page, the expression of benefits is a key point: accelerated learning, free offer, simplicity, speed, transparency, zero commitment... Reassure your potential prospects. Basically, your offer must solve a problem at home (the famous "bread point"). For example, the problem may be that "the visitor has difficulty finding a solution to a legal real estate problem". You can therefore offer him to receive free advice by e-mail in the first instance. A good way to reassure is also to make customer testimonials available. This will only be beneficial and will increase your conversion rate.

Tools exist to create your own landings pages. Cubly has been created to simplify the creation of your site and these landing pages. Contact us !