WHY #1

Why was Cubly created?

As web designers for the past 15 years, we have seen just about everything in terms of website management, creation and redesign, and have been able to list a fairly large number of client "breads".

Frustrated by the constraints inherent to any web project, we dreamed for years of a world where creating sites would be easier for both clients and us!

That's how Cubly was born: a service that retains the human support and quality of an agency and combines it with a modular management platform that gives clients control and allows them to master their roadmap.


"Giving you access to a previously untouchable level of quality and performance in website design at an affordable price"

WHY #2

Why the name "Cubly"?

Cubly refers to the universe of cubes, and especially to their modularity. Have you ever played small or bigger with a set of cubes? The number of shapes you can come up with is infinite. This idea is at the heart of our new Cubly service: allowing you, without technical or design baggage, to bring your ideas to life by composing the architecture and design of your site yourself. In a nutshell to put you in the shoes of a web designer.

The values we wish to transmit


To make you autonomous in the creation and management of your website and the related marketing.


Allow you to learn what works to design your site, test your ideas, and succeed in your projects.

The spirit of initiative

Enabling you to bring your business initiatives to life, whatever they may be. Cubly makes it easy to create, and to be entrepreneurial.


Make your site scalable, modular, in order to be able to modify its structure or content autonomously.